Training on digital valuations and digital assets

Training programs

The profession of digital valuation is in its infancy. There is not much information to be found about establishing the worth of websites and appraising other digital assets such as ecommerce sites, online platforms and apps. In fact, to my knowledge there is only one book ever written about digital valuations and that is one I wrote myself.  I doubt that there are many digital asset and valuation specialists walking on this planet. When it is up to me I would like to change that. There is so much going on in digital M&A and digital investments that there really is a need for more knowhow on digital assets among M&A consultants, investment bankers and investors.

Let me train you on digital valuations and digital assets

I would be glad to train you and your team about valuing websites and ecommerce sites and sharing insights about the world of digital assets. I offer a basic 1-day training session and a custom made training on the job during regular intervals.

1-day basic training on digital assets

In this 1 day session you will learn the basics and theory of digital asset valuations. The main objective is to convey the importance of looking at digital assets as corner stones for growth and profits and as engines for investment returns. We will discuss the differences of digital assets compared to more physical assets such as real estate. Opportunities and pitfalls will be discussed and we will dig into the 5 website value drivers.

Custom made training programs

Building digital asset expertise will take more than a day. Depending on the needs and the knowhow already available I will offer a custom made training on the job program. This may include assisting current M&A projects and learning as you go. Regular intervals may provide a more immersive learning experience. There will be time for questions and answers and discussing practical situations.


Generally I will give these training sessions on your location, preferably on a location in Europe or the Middle East.


Please get in touch for a price on your location.