Services in digital M&A consultancy

What I have to offer

I assist M&A consultants and investors in valuations, acquisitions and sales of digital assets. My 3 main consulting services are digital valuations, investment consulting and training.

Digital valuations

What is the worth of websites and ecommerce sites that are part of an M&A process, investment or IPO? I have established a method of valuing digital assets that will give a more specific insight in the worth of websites and online assets. I work together with existing M&A advisors or work directly for investors and investment banks to come up with a thorough appraisal of the digital assets involved.

Advising investors on digital asset investments

I may be hired to offer advice about investments concerning digital assets. I analyze digital assets on their potential for growth and assess strengths and weaknesses. I gauge valuations and I will give my opinion about the investment. Generally I will work for venture capitalist firms, personal investors, investment banks and investment companies.

Training programs on digital assets & valuations

I offer several training programs on digital assets and valuations. You can choose among a basic 1 -day training session and a custom made training program with regular intervals and training on the job. I will give these training sessions on your location in Europe.