Investor consulting

Advising investors on digital investments

Investing in digital assets may cause some anxiety or doubt, in my view a prerequisite of a savvy investor. But of course that state of doubt should eventually lead to a more secure feeling about the investment. How to get to that point? Information and opinions backed by logic thinking and analytics data will do a great job. I will help you in getting these insights by analyzing the digital assets concerned.

The challenges of investing in digital assets

Is investing in digital assets more challenging than in physical assets? I don’t think so. Each and every investment involves risk, an uncertain environment and good or bad choices made by people who are in control. The positive of investing in digital assets is that in most cases a bunch of data is available. On the other hand, the digital environment is always on the move and usually in the fast lane. The reality of today’s investing is that it is precisely in its digital elements that the returns are to be found. So investing without thinking of digital opportunities, threats and risks is almost out of the question.

What are these challenges?

They are numerous and varied. I will name a few:

  • What are the opportunities and threats for digital growth?
  • Will new techniques or new online approaches interfere with our path to growth?
  • Will additional investments be needed to grow our digital assets?
  • What are we investing in? Are the numbers and data showed valid?
  • Are management plans for growth substantiated with sound and solid data?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the digital assets involved?

I am sure as an investor you may come up with other questions that may be nagging you. Risk, uncertainty, questions, doubts, they are an integral part of the investment process. That doesn’t imply however that you may ignore them. Trying to find answers, making sense of the data at hand, seeking to understand before deciding on the deal, that is the core of successful investing.

What I can do to help

To invest or not to invest, that’s the question only the investor can answer. What I can do is filling in the blanks about some important issues involving digital assets. I will try to get to the core of websites or ecommerce assets included in the proposition. I will gauge the website(s) on their strength and weaknesses and I will share my thoughts about threats and opportunities.

My services for digital assets:

  • Strengths and weaknesses report
  • Opportunities and threats report
  • Qualitative valuation
  • Digital data analyzing
  • Advising on purchasing or selling prices of digital assets