Digital M&A Consulting

Digital M&A advice

The key to digital M&A success is understanding the worth of digital assets.

  • Are you a (digital) investor?
  • Are you considering an investment in a company that involves digital assets such as websites, ecommerce platforms, online shops, apps or digital tools?
  • Are you an M&A consulting or advisory firm that wants to learn more about digital M&A and digital valuations?
Digital M&A Consultant

Just get in touch with Paul Haarman of WebWorth Partners

As an independent digital M&A consultant I will help you in digital investing and valuing digital assets. I will train you to understand the value of websites and ecommerce activities.

Working with your team. Adding value to the M&A process.

Consulting on digital investments or divestments. Helping with digital valuations and setting ask or bid prices.

Learning about digital valuations and the worth of digital assets in a 1 day training session at your location.

Training and sharing knowhow about digital valuations and digital assets on a regular basis. Regular consulting sessions on your location.

Hire Paul Haarman as a speaker for your event or inhouse training session.

Active region:

Europe & Middle East

I will be pleased to make you an offer based upon your needs.