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digital M&A

Cooperating with M&A consultant firms and investors

Digital valuations

Estimating the worth of websites & ecommerce sites

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Training & regular consulting on digital assets & digital worth

Digital M&A consultancy

What about the value of digital assets? Websites, ecommerce sites, online platforms, online news sites, what are they worth? What are the hidden strengths & weaknesses of digital assets and what drives their value? WebWorth Partners tackles these questions. Working together with M&A consulting companies, investors and investment banks we will uncover the engines of digital assets. 

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Together we will make digital investing more transparant and result driven

Digital Asset Consulting for Digital Investments

WebWorth Partners offers advice, valuations & training programs for all parties involved in digital investments. Today there are almost no M&A deals materializing without a considerable digital challenge. Digging into the core of digital assets improves the M&A process. Let’s make it happen!

Website valuation

Valuing websites, online shops & online platforms. Support for M&A teams and investors. Advicing on establishing the worth of digital assets.

Digital asset advice

Advice on digital assets for M&A teams, investment bankers, investors and financial institutions. Reporting on opportunities & treads for online growth.

Investor consulting

Advice on acquiring or selling digital assets. Avoiding pitfalls and supporting digital investors. Strenghts & weaknesses report for digital assets.

Website valuation by Paul Haarman
Ecommerce valuation

Valuing ecommerce websites takes more than calculating and extrapolating historical revenues & profits. The hidden strenghts and weaknesses determine future results.

1-day training

Learn about digital valuations and uncovering the 5 website value drivers in a 1 day training course at your location. For M&A teams & investors.

Custom made training

Training on digital assets & digital valuations made to your needs. Training on the job or in regular intervals on your location. For M&A consultants & investors.





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Together we will make digital investing more transparant and result driven